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  • Some pages made up to date with PoP expansion
  • Crafting achievement mount report added
  • Collection neck tracking added
  • (user custom) guilds added
  • SoH Collection tracking added
  • Guk Collection neck tracking added
  • Most pages made up to date with Kunark Ascending expansion
  • Ascension progress report added
  • Mount added to gear report
  • Servers merges (Thurgadin)
  • Personal status report added
  • Collections for Zek
  • Achievements for Zek
  • Most pages made up to date with GU100
  • More pages made up to date with Fabled Fallen Dynasty
  • Some UI cleanup
  • Internal db code refactor
  • Infusions summary by Raider raport added
  • ToT collections hierarchy is finally there
  • Raiders Items Suggestions page added
  • Home page tweaked
  • Reforges Calculator cleanup
  • Guild Achievements ranking added to GuildProgress page
  • ToT Captains factions report added
  • Old/invalid guild achievements cleaned
  • Internal toons cache is zipped now
  • Item preview mini-mode added (used on Usage Items page)
  • Item preview - link to u.eq2wire added (click on item icon)
  • ToT buff items summary added to Usage Items page
  • Toons distribution limited to Thurgadin server only
  • ToT support added
  • ToT guild progress updated
  • Deity signature ring report added
  • Deity signature quest report added
  • Personal achievements page updated
  • Achievements rewards page updated
  • Collections rewards added to Achievements rewards page
  • Raid alts made visible on raiders lists
  • GearTables adjusted for ToT
  • HP added to GearTables
  • Infusioning report added
  • Infusioned items page added
  • Furious Barrage items report added
  • Furious Barrage, Underfoot, new Practiced items usage added
  • Items usage page redesigned
  • (Spell) Weapon Damage and Fervor added to Rankings
  • Reverted change: Autorefresh raiders data added (20h = 0% chance, 30h = 5%, 40h = 10%, ...)
  • Guild achievements page added
  • RC raid achievements added to Raiders Achievements
  • Autorefresh raiders data added (20h = 0% chance, 30h = 5%, 40h = 10%, ...)
  • Old (pre-FabledFeydwer) cloaks report added
  • Old (pre-FabledFeydwer) forearms report added
  • Armor Items simplified
  • New no-gem armor added to Armor Items
  • Wrists view added to Items Usage
  • Primordial and Smoldering Adornment of Avoidance (Superior) are now considered not outdated
  • Toons Finder page added - search for toons with given item or achievements
  • 2 new worlds added: Stormhold and Deathtoll
  • Limited worlds list in Toons Distribution
  • Missing masters list added to Raiders Spells Page
  • List of raiders w/o AoM flawlesses on Personal Achievelemts page
  • Highhold ear report added
  • Deity report added
  • Switched to Daybreak Games Census server
  • New Avatar achievements added
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Character spells missing from Census note
  • Ignoring incorrect item reforge information
  • Slackers and recruits added to all pages
  • Age info and refresh option added to raiders spells page
  • Link to EQ2 legal information changed to DBG site
  • Spell filtering by class added
  • Old purple adorns report added
  • Green adorns levels report added
  • Green adorns not leveled report added
  • Old purple warrunes report added
  • Sins ranking report added
  • Test version of AA specs report added
  • Auto refresh toons info every 20 hours added
  • User identity with extra actions added
  • Practiced Combination wrists support added
  • Old adorns options added to Items Usage reports
  • Some achievements in Personal Achievements fixed
  • Versioning introduced